Power Outage

October 11, 2022

I am a woman who plans and then works on a plan. My family knows not to stand in my way when I have my checklist – unless they’re willing to help.

So, to say the recent power outage disrupted my plans is an understatement.

This time, the cause of the outage wasn’t a squirrel in the transformer but fast-moving furious winds and rain. Gusts were clocked as high as fifty mph, and nearly an inch of rain fell in no time.

Witnessing the ominous dark clouds gathering in the sky, I feared what could lay in the aftermath of this storm, and I guessed correctly. But the destruction that fell around me paled when compared to many people’s devastation. My farm suffered a few downed limbs and the loss of power and running water, in the scheme of things, were merely inconveniences.

For three days, my daily routines fell into daylight hours. It was early to bed and early to rise for this farm girl. No cable, internet, or TV to pay attention to, only the entertainment of the cat’s playful antics, sights of birds flying in and out of their nests, and a good book to lose myself in.

The cool refreshing summer night breezes blew through the open windows, and those same windows allowed the morning rays of sunshine to stream in as well. The friends and family members who checked on each other reminded me that we are not alone before, during, or after life’s storms.

Many of those storms aren’t weather-related – diseases such as cancer, depression, and dementia linger for many months, even years. But Christ assures us in Hebrews 13:5, NLT, “I will never fail you. I will never abandon you.” His message to me was a reminder to be content in all seasons and all storms I pass through, echoing Paul’s message in Philippians 4:11, in which he says he learned to be content “whatever the circumstances.”

This summer storm altered my plans and created an inconvenience. Still, it brought a marvelous silver lining: the time and opportunity to appreciate the natural world, a good book, and silence.

I’ve heard it said, “The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.” I hope the attitude I realized during this inconvenience never leaves me.

How is your day? Are you allowing your daily interruptions and inconveniences to turn your smile upside down? Realize that only you can decide whether it’s a good day or a bad day. Is a silver lining waiting to transform your day?

I hope you are blessed today with a good day, my friend.

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