Finding joy along the journey

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Hi there! I’m Jackie, and I’m glad you stopped by! I wish you could pull up a chair, have a cup of coffee, and chat, but until then, we can stake this little corner of the internet as ours. Let’s get acquainted. I’ll go first if you’d like.

I wonder…

…do you find our crazy busy world too much to handle? I sure do. I’ve lived the fast pace, run more than one race, and found myself exhausted and disillusioned, wondering if this is the life I should be living.

As a girl of the Seventies, I thought I could have it all and do it all: marriage, children, career, while maintaining a lovely home, gorgeous vegetable and flower gardens, cooking delicious meals, and entertaining friends. Who could want more?

But something was missing from my life.

For way too long, I felt like the Israelites wandering directionless for forty years in the wilderness, paying no heed to God’s bounty and grace, and grumbling all the way. I was busy building my life and future; I overlooked the joy and wonder God intended for us to experience in the here and now – until He made me stop, look, and listen.

I have so much to share with you;

a multitude of stories about lessons I learned the hard way, lessons I wished I’d learned earlier, and lessons I’m still struggling with. But this is a brief introduction.

We’ll get to know each other the best way; sharing stories comfortably, over time. You’ll see how my life changed radically from wife to widow, daughter to orphan, mother to empty-nester in a very short time.

I hope to offer you the encouragement, sage advice, and godly counsel I wish I’d had while going through the difficult seasons of life. I pray our time together inspires you and that you join me on this trek as we discover joy in the journey.

Let’s Stay Connected

I’d love to stay in touch with you as I share more of my journey as time goes on. I’ve put together an encouraging Joy Journal that will help you during times of grieving. Subscribe below and you’ll have immediate access to this beautiful downloadable.

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Articles and Stories About Finding Joy on Your Journey

Taking Charge From the One in Charge

Taking Charge From the One in Charge

“Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD.” Roy and I didn’t have to remind ourselves of the truth embedded in Psalms 127:3 ESV. We were thrilled when we realized we were expecting our first baby. We immediately set to work outlining everything we had to...

Seasons of Life

Seasons of Life

As winter begins to fade, teasing us with the promise of spring, it’s tempting to rush ahead. The melting snow and gentle breezes hint at warmer days to come. Like clockwork, I find myself eager to jumpstart the season, already planting seeds indoors under a grow...

The What Ifs

The What Ifs

My husband has been gone for several years, yet at times, grief washes over me like the ocean’s waves – especially when I see a couple strolling in the park or entering the theater hand-in-hand. These scenes are certain reminders that my cherished memories remain, but...

About Jackie

Author & Avid Pickleball Player

Jackie Freeman is a woman who loves words. Words that inform. Words that inspire. Speaking, singing, reading, and writing words. And she loves to make a joyful noise to her beloved Lord and Savior.

Her love of words blossomed as a child when her grandmother, Nettie Thomas, introduced her to literature. Her home had a marvelous collection of books, from Louisa Mae Alcott to Margaret Mitchell, Zane Grey, and Mary Jane Holmes. Jackie’s passion for reading and writing started with her grandmother’s bookcase. Years later, she joined writers’ groups to hone her skills.