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Jackie Freeman

Jackie is a woman who loves words. Words that inform. Words that inspire. Speaking, singing, reading, and writing words. And she loves to make a joyful noise to her beloved Lord and Savior.

Unwrapping Christmas

Christmas is a time for reflection and rejoicing in the birth of Jesus – the true reason for the season. Let’s capture the wonder and message of God’s remarkable gift this and every year.

Amid gift exchanges and festive decorations, Jackie Freeman invites you to slow down, hum a tune, and savor the season with Unwrapping Christmas. This unique book is a cherished early Christmas present for your soul.

As you open these pages, you’ll embark on a journey that will deepen your connection to the Christ child. With Scripture, stories, and beloved Christmas carols, this Advent Devotional guides you through the biblical themes of HOPE, PEACE, JOY, and LOVE, reminding you of the profound message behind the season.

In addition, Jackie has thoughtfully woven music into the fabric of this devotional. You’ll find a Spotify Playlist that accompanies your reading, adding a layer of joy to your reflection. Just as Mary pondered in her heart, you too can reflect on the wonders of God’s gift, while the songs of Unwrapping Christmas provide the perfect backdrop.

The author’s inspiration for this book comes from a rich heritage of faith and music passed down by her mother, Joy Thomas Price. Her mother directed church pageants, and these cherished scripts, notes, and songs have been lovingly preserved for you in this devotional. It’s a beautiful homage to the pageants that remind us of the miraculous story of Jesus’ birth.

Unwrapping Christmas will inspire you to ponder what God has done for you and how He continues to work in your life. Your reflections within these pages are a gift to yourself – a treasure to return to year after year, reminding you of God’s great love.

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I’m Okay, Momma

A children’s picture book, written in rhyme with the Fruit of the Spirit woven throughout

One day Jackie Price’s Grandma fetched her little granddaughter when school ended, then they stopped to visit a neighbor. As the minutes ticked by, Jackie’s mother grew concerned and set out searching for her mother and daughter. Where was her little girl? The five-year-old saw her mother approaching and understood the concern on her face. She opened the neighbor’s screen door and shouted, “I’M OKAY, MOMMA! I’M OKAY!” As the years passed, Jackie forgets this episode, but her mother never did. Shortly before Joy Price died, she reminded Jackie of the memory and told her, “I know you will always be okay, Jackie.”

The book inspired by this incident is the story of a loving mother who showers her daughter with love, care, compassion, discipline, and kindness. She teaches Christian values, including the Fruit of the Spirit, by example.

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Keep a Song in Your Heart

A Devotional

Music has always been part of my journey. My mother frequently told me I hummed a tune before I spoke a word. My recently released book, Keep A Song In Your Heart, reveals my love for music—a love I hope to share with you. I based this devotional on the faded, well-thumbed, well-loved sheet music of gospel songs my mother played for me, her soloist.

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Published in November 2020

Bend Your Knees, Louise!

This fun-loving grandmother teaches, Jack and Louise, the sport of Pickleball in a wise and playful way – and the results are even better than she hopes. With clever rhymes and outstanding illustrations by award-winning artist, Kevin Fales, Bend Your Knees, Louise! guarantees to make believers – and devoted pickleball players – out of its readers.

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Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones

I love September! As a student and then an educator, this month has always meant new beginnings loaded with possibilities. Every August, my mother bought me new shoes and a new start-of-school outfit. I proudly carried a new box of crayons and a handful of brand-new...

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Hope For The Grieving Heart

Hope For The Grieving Heart

Recently, a dear friend died—very suddenly, completely unexpectedly. Only days before, we had rambled through her flower beds, rich in lush color, while we enjoyed the sounds of life on her farm – birds chirping, horses running, donkeys braying, tractors chugging,...

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City On The Hill

City On The Hill

Recently I visited a third-grade classroom and watched the students recite, “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.” Do they know the...

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