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Jackie Freeman

Jackie is a woman who loves words. Words that inform. Words that inspire. Speaking, singing, reading, and writing words. And she loves to make a joyful noise to her beloved Lord and Savior.

Her love of words blossomed as a child when her grandmother, Nettie Thomas, introduced her to literature. Her home had a marvelous collection of books, from Louisa Mae Alcott to Margaret Mitchell, Zane Grey, and Mary Jane Holmes. Jackie’s passion for reading and writing started with her grandmother’s bookcase. Years later, she joined writers’ groups to hone her skills.

A Siena Heights University graduate, Jackie specialized in early childhood education. While serving as an adjunct at her alma mater, she also became an assistant principal of a Montessori school, and later served as the Early On Coordinator for Saline Area (MI) Schools. She left that position to become a full-time caregiver, first for her husband and then for her parents. She and her husband raised their three sons on a sixty-acre farm in southeast Michigan. She is a doting grandmother who loves pickleball and co-authored her first children’s book, BEND YOUR KNEES, LOUISE!  a Pickleball Primer. She is a gifted vocalist and loves singing, whether in a church, an auditorium, beside the sickbed of loved ones, or outdoors in nature.

Jackie’s Latest Book!

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I’m Okay, Momma

A children’s picture book, written in rhyme with the Fruit of the Spirit woven throughout

One day Jackie Price’s Grandma fetched her little granddaughter when school ended, then they stopped to visit a neighbor. As the minutes ticked by, Jackie’s mother grew concerned and set out searching for her mother and daughter. Where was her little girl? The five-year-old saw her mother approaching and understood the concern on her face. She opened the neighbor’s screen door and shouted, “I’M OKAY, MOMMA! I’M OKAY!” As the years passed, Jackie forgets this episode, but her mother never did. Shortly before Joy Price died, she reminded Jackie of the memory and told her, “I know you will always be okay, Jackie.”

The book inspired by this incident is the story of a loving mother who showers her daughter with love, care, compassion, discipline, and kindness. She teaches Christian values, including the Fruit of the Spirit, by example.

Now Available!

Keep a Song in Your Heart

A Devotional

Music has always been part of my journey. My mother frequently told me I hummed a tune before I spoke a word. My recently released book, Keep A Song In Your Heart, reveals my love for music—a love I hope to share with you. I based this devotional on the faded, well-thumbed, well-loved sheet music of gospel songs my mother played for me, her soloist.

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Published in November 2020

Bend Your Knees, Louise!

This fun-loving grandmother teaches, Jack and Louise, the sport of Pickleball in a wise and playful way – and the results are even better than she hopes. With clever rhymes and outstanding illustrations by award-winning artist, Kevin Fales, Bend Your Knees, Louise! guarantees to make believers – and devoted pickleball players – out of its readers.

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