January On The Farm

January 26, 2022

Looking out over the snow-filled fields at first light, on this cold January morning, I shiver at the sight of gray skies and the sounds of howling winds that have ushered in another winter on the farm. The horses are blanketed, the heater is plugged into the water trough, and my mind wanders back to warm memories of long-ago Januarys.

Over the forty-plus years, my family has lived here, I’ve watched this landscape change and mature. We often raised a menagerie of crops and animals, but today our fields grow only alfalfa.

In the early years here, Roy and I also raised three sons. I’ve proudly, anxiously watched these boys mature into the outstanding men they are today. Along the way, they have provided much joy, hilarious antics, and overflowing love to this mother’s heart.

I remember the annual crop of snowmen, snow dogs, snow pigs, and massive snow forts that graced our yard for many Januarys. The boys loved playing outside, all the time, in all weather, as soon as they finished their farm chores.

Perhaps my favorite winter memories involve sledding excursions with my Momma. As everyone bundled up for a winter trek, she made certain mittens, hats, boots, and scarves were all in place before we proceeded to the highest hill on the farm. Often single file, like ducklings following their mama. Grandma, aka Nana Price, always pretended to hesitate at the top of the hill, requiring encouragement from her brave and adventurous grandsons. Nana plopped down on the sled with the agility of a young girl. Off they careened, scarves, and sounds of glee blowing in the wind! That city girl always seemed surprised when the sled hit a frozen “cow pie,” causing the sled to tip over and everyone rolled out laughing. By the time the sledding adventures ended, the sledders were nearly as snow-covered as the snowmen in our yard.

I’ve learned the month of January is named after the god Janus, the ancient Roman god of gates and doors, whose two heads regard the past and look at the future simultaneously. I think I need to do the same. I can cherish the memories while looking forward to the future 2022 holds with the same excitement my sons displayed on sledding afternoons.

To quote Jonathan Huie, Celebrate endings—for they precede new beginnings.”

I glance once more out the window, smile, then head to my computer. I have a terrific new project to begin!

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  1. Really enjoyed the article I can see Aunt Joy going down the hill with the boys. Thank you for sharing

  2. Special memories …..fun and adventures…..can visually see in my mind Nana enjoying every adventure!

  3. Loved this story – can just see Aunt Joy loving on those grand boys!

  4. Wendy, she enjoyed every moment spent with the boys. Mom and Dad helped create wonderful memories for us all.


  5. Mattie, you knew your sister was adventuresome but she really kicked things up around here on the farm with her grandsons.
    You will enjoy the next post from ‘on the farm’ even more.


  6. Pat, I knew Mom loved her grandsons, but I couldn’t understand how much until I had grandchildren myself. So much to love about this season of my life.



  7. Thank you Jackie for sharing such touching heartfelt memories from the picturesque pic of your farm, to the adventures of sledding through cow pies

  8. Loving reminiscing, Jackie. I can’t wait to hear more about your new project when you’re ready to share.

  9. I just shared with Momma. I know she’ll love your writing as much as I do.

  10. Rosa, you know all about these hills. I remember our walks out in the backfields. I pray we have many more memories to share together, here on the farm.



  11. Cathy, you will be one of the first to know. You have been a champion of my writing, and I thank you.



  12. Lestie, thank you so much for sharing my words with your Momma. You have told me how much your family enjoys southern gospel music, so I hope you can help her hear the songs that generated the devotional. They are on the playlist I created through Spotify.



  13. This website is gorgeous, the content is inspiring, and the images are emotionally evocative. Your messages give us so much to think about…and act on! Great job!

  14. Cynthia, your eloquent words touch my heart. May we always look to God as our source of strength and move as He directs.

    Thank you for your encouragement.

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